We Doubled our Assessment Marketplace, and Now You Can Add Your Own

Aug 18, 2023

In an exciting development, our robust human data intelligence platform has expanded its Assessment Marketplace. We’re thrilled to announce the addition of several new assessments aimed at enriching the depth of data for our users.  

  • MTQ-10 and MTQ-48 Mental Toughness Assessments: Having a deep understanding of mental health and resilience is crucial in today’s high-stress environments. To address this, we’ve included the MTQ-10 and MTQ-48 assessments, specifically designed to evaluate mental toughness.
  • ESG Assessment: A key player in assessing a company’s and individual’s ethical and sustainable practices, the ESG assessment is now part of our marketplace.
  • Oregon Vocational Interest Scale: This assessment, renowned for its effectiveness in vocational guidance, is now part of our platform, offering excellent insights into vocational interests.
  • Oregon Avocational Interest Scale: Alongside vocational interests, we acknowledge the importance of hobbies and other interests outside of work. Thus, we’ve incorporated the Oregon Avocational Interest Scale.

These additions to our Assessment Marketplace are a direct response to our users’ needs. Our platform is now more capable than ever in providing comprehensive and versatile data insights.”

Stay tuned for more assessments to be included soon, such as the IPIP Values In Action (IPIP-VIA) assessment, the IPIP-Temperament & Character Inventory (IPIP-TCI) and look out for a number of other assessments coming from different organizations (3rd party entries).

Speaking of 3rd Party Assessments

Our human data platform now has the capability to incorporate your unique surveys and assessments. This includes scientifically validated psychology/psychometry assessments or surveys that measure relevant business KPIs tailored to you or your clients’ needs. 

This feature proves to be immensely beneficial for evaluating an organization’s soft skills or attitudes and their potential correlation with, for instance, sales figures. You can add a survey that solicits information from your client’s sales staff and managers about sales data and related KPIs. Simultaneously, distribute one of our existing assessments to gauge attitudes over equivalent time frames. 

Experience the extraordinary results as you filter individuals with the highest sales figures against a personality or emotional intelligence report. Observe how certain dimensions correlate with high sales figures and how these values and sales numbers evolve over time.  With these insights, you can fine-tune your training programs, hiring processes, and promotion practices for superior business results.

Not Only for Enterprise

Universities possess a wealth of business intelligence to track, such as enrolments, grade point averages, satisfaction scores, and more. Any forward-thinking university would be remiss if they did not begin to monitor these KPIs against the soft skills, attitudes, and behaviors that render their students attractive to prospective employers. By doing so, they could provide the appropriate guidance and courseware to dramatically improve outcomes. 

What they require is a method to visualize the data. 

Enter CykoMetrix, with its centralized human data intelligence repository and analytics engine! 

Embrace this opportunity, personalize it with custom assessments (white labeling), and begin tracking human factors today.

Contact us at www.cykometrix.com

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