Save Yourself from Guarantee Period Pain – The High Cost of a Bad Hire

Mar 5, 2024

Let’s talk about the elephant in the recruiting room: guarantee periods. You invest significant time and resources into finding the perfect candidate, only to have them leave within the cool-down window. It’s a punch to the gut, not just emotionally, but financially. This is especially true in industries with high turnover.

The hidden cost of a bad hire goes far beyond the lost placement fee. It’s the time spent interviewing, the cost of onboarding (and potentially re-onboarding), and the disruption a bad fit can cause within the team. These losses often lead to increased fees for your clients, just to recoup the margins eroded by placements gone wrong.

What if you could predict a candidate’s long-term success with a high degree of accuracy. What if you could assess not just skills and job-description fit, but also cultural fit, team dynamics, and overall potential impact on the effectiveness of a whole team?

CykoMetrix has developed specific assessments and an AI-driven data analytics system that can do exactly that. We provide you with the objective insights you crave:

  • Will this candidate be an outstanding team member?
  • If skills and experience is equal, which candidate is most likely to have a positive impact on the team and client KPIs?
  • Do their personality traits complement the existing team?

By leveraging CykoMetrix, you can:

  • Significantly reduce the risk of bad hires during the guarantee period.
  • Boost your profit margins by minimizing losses and unnecessary client fee adjustments.
  • Showcase the added value you bring by offering objective, data-driven candidate selection.

Contact us today and see how can revolutionize your recruiting process. We’ll show you around and turn those frustrating cool-down periods into a thing of the past.

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